We start your treatment with a consultation and find out what your individual desired enhancement is. We then go over the many designs, colours and shapes available.

Juliette will then create your desired look using everyday make-up. From here she can experiment with colours and different looks until you are 100% satisfied with what would be created for you. We will then begin the pigment infusion process which is done by using a cosmedic device and medical grade pigments. These all meet NZ and European Health and Safety requirements.



Perfection Enhanced can help create a youthful lift to the brow area that helps emphasize your eyes. If you have little or no eyebrow hair, or would like to perfect the shape of your eyebrows, then this is the technique for you. We pay close attention to detail ensuring your face shape and skin tones are taken into consideration to maintain a natural look.

Feathered and Powdered Techniques

There are two main techniques which can be used to contour the brows. We will be on hand throughout the consultation process to discuss these options and advise you on the most appropriate method to achieve your desired look.

The most natural finish is often achieved through creation of individual ultra-fine hair strokes which are feathered through the brow to look like your own natural hairs. This technique can be used to transform a brow where the hair is completely missing as well as volumising sparse brows whilst still allowing the brows own texture to shimmer through.

Alternatively if you are looking for a slightly sharper, sleeker finish similar to that of brow pencils or powders, a soft veil of colour can be misted over the brow to add shape and definition. This method is used to create a bold yet beautiful brow.


Permanent eyeliner can range from a subtle fine liner to a ultra thick liner. By emphasizing your eye colour and making your eye lashes appear thicker, your eyes will appear larger and more defined.

This is suitable for people who suffer from allergies either to pollen or to traditional make up and those who are sensitive to wearing contact lenses.

The great news is the savings from not having to continuously pay for eye make-up. It will also put an end to all those smudges or smears whether you are surviving rain, sweat, humidity or tears.

eyes services

A non refundable deposit is required on all treatments to guarantee and secure the service at the time of booking.
Deposits are $100 to secure your appointment. 



Only medical-grade devices and pigments sourced from Europe, which meet New Zealand and European health and safety requirements are used during your procedure. Perfection Enhanced beauty clinics are chosen for their hygienic and professional surroundings, offering a clean, calm environment for your treatment.