Cosmetic Tattoo

What to do before your treatment?

You must stop the following prior to your procedure

  • Lash & brow serum 3 weeks prior
  • fish oils 5-10 days prior 
  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen or any blood thinning mediations 5-7 days prior 
  • Botox 2 weeks prior 
  • Remove any eyelash extensions and contact lenses, only if you are having the eyeliner enhancement 
  • Alcohol, caffeine, coffee or energy drinks 24hrs prior 
  • Eyebrow tint 3 weeks prior

What is permanent make-up?

Semi Permanent Make up – also known as micro-pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing is an advanced form of tattooing in which medical grade pigments are infused into the dermal layer of the skin in order to create a shadow of colour that mimics perfectly applied make-up in soft natural tones of colour. And because the pigment sits in the skin, the effect remains all day.

Will I receive a consultation?

Prior to the enhancement procedure you will receive a comprehensive consultation during which you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you wish to achieve. If there is a specific look that you particularly like, you should bring with you your make-up or picture indicating that look, as this will help you communicate your preferences to the permanent make-up artist.

Who has permanent make-up?

People who currently use eyebrow pencils and eyeliner.
Sufferers of hay fever or make-up allergies.
People who play a lot of sports.
People who suffer from a visual impairment.
People who suffer from alopecia or sparse eyebrows. Professionals or mothers who have no time to apply make-up.
Those wanting a non surgical anti ageing solution.


Will it hurt?

We use highly effective topical numbing agents to minimize any discomfort. Some clients have said it was likened to having your eyebrows tweezed, or if they have even felt anything at all. 

How will I benefit from having a treatment done?

You will not need to apply, repair or remove your make-up.

You will have smudge proof make-up that looks perfect in any demanding situation such as swimming, playing sports or exercising. Wake up with make up - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long will my treatment last?

Your treatment will gradually fade over a period of time, however we do recommend to have a colour boost or top up procedure every 12 -18 months, to keep your treatment looking fresh.

Is the treatment safe?

We follow a code of practice that ensures a safe treatment.

We work only with hypoallergenic medical grade pigments that meet European and New Zealand medical standards.

We also use the highest quality sterile needles which are disposed of immediately after each treatment is completed.

What will my treatment look like immediately after?

The colour will appear a shade darker than the desired result for up to 3-7 days, and you may have some swelling & mild redness for the next 24 hours. You will not need any down time or to take time off work after your procedure.

How to find the right technician for you?

Cosmetic tattooing is not a treatment or decision to be made lightly. This is one area, ladies, where you need to do your research and you do not want to choose a technical who has inadequate education or cuts corners. Heres what you need to look for...

Your technical must be SPSP certified (just because someone has been a beauty therapist for 10 years plus doesn't mean they have the skill sets to be about to carry out cosmetic tattooing). 

Your technician must carry out a full consultation; including getting you to fill out medical and consent forms, take before and after photos, do a colour match and measure and pre draw on the eyebrows first. If they do not pencil on lovely eyebrows first they will not be able to tattoo them on.

This is not a treatment which should ever be done as a mobile service in your home or outside of a salon environment for hygiene and insurance reasons. 

Questions to ask your technician:

Are you insured to carry out this procedure?
How long have you been doing Cosmetic Tattooing and where did you train? 
How many treatments have you done and on average how many do you do in a week?
Do you have a portfolio of before and after images I can view?
Do you have testimonials from clients you have treated? 
Where do you purchase your products and do they meet the required medical grade standards?

Cosmetic tattooing can change your life.  Please do your research ladies, I wish you all the best.



Only medical-grade devices and pigments sourced from Europe, which meet New Zealand and European health and safety requirements are used during your procedure. Perfection Enhanced beauty clinics are chosen for their hygienic and professional surroundings, offering a clean, calm environment for your treatment.